Galaxy Note 9: Official Introduction

The new super powerful Note Galaxy Note 9


Galaxy Note has always put powerful technology in the hands of those who demand more. Now, the all new Galaxy Note9 surpasses even these high expectations, focusing on what matters most in today’s always-on, mobile world.The phone powerful enough to keep up with you

Introducing a powerful, all day battery that goes the distance on a single charge — keeping pace with your life.

Store more. Delete less. With the power of 128GB/512GB^ storage built in — expandable up to 512GB* more — you’ll have almost a terabyte of space for what matters

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Proactive Approach to Mobility

The fastest and reliable interactive remote control of Android devices for optimal Help desk capability and troubleshooting.

Remotely monitor and control your business though single cloud portal. Enables IT engineers to perform remote support over Internet whenever necessary.

Please do check our youtube channel for more information.

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Golden Bull Awards 2018

The founder & CEO of SYNDES Technologies (also known as SYNDES), having spent the past 13 years’ experience as a professional, celebrated and young entrepreneur in technologies spanning multiple areas in mobile related industries from mobile wireless optimization, mobile security, sales & marketing, to business operation.

The founder is passionate and who believes mobility driving differentiation and competitive advantage in business.

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Sharing on Unlocking Mobile Economy – UTAR

Sharing on Unlocking Mobile Economy – UTAR

Jen Yong (front row, second from left) with the participants

Insight on Mobile Economy

Unlock the Next Mobile Economy – we are in this technological advancement era, where business utilize their devices to automate and assist human work – Jen Yong

Therefore, businesses around us have move to a point which carefully handle mobile devices are being use. In order for corporate to function smoothly, corporate are required to equip themselves with proper tools to strengthen their enforcement.

Please do check this link as Jen Yong the founder of SYNDES Technologies share more insight upon unlock the next mobile economy.

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CIOAdvisor Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider-2018

CIOAdvisor Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider-2018

SYNDES Technologies: Streamlined Enterprise Mobility 

In today’s era of internet and mobile technologies, enterprise mobility is key for business success.

In every businesses today are required to equip themselves the ability to centralize, customize and secure corporate mobile data, applications and devices.

Which SYNDES allow clients to control and protect data, and configuration settings of all mobile devices in their business entity; this approaches will help reduce client’s support cost and business risk on massive scale.

SYNDES ensure to personalise each mobile device to fit their own role as serving their owner. 

Thus, it’s capabilities into well-defined approach that focuses on productivity, mobility, and security.

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