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Device Software Update Management – Strict Control over Device Firmware Updates

Device Software Update Management – Strict Control over Device Firmware Updates

Strict control over device firmware updates

Samsung developed Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) to enable enterprises to save time and support costs, and manage the mobile infrastructure as efficiently as possible.


With E-FOTA, enterprises can control device software updates as follows:


Select the highest firmware version allowed on devices:

This option ensures that device users can’t independently update to an unsupported firmware version, preventing issues that could negatively impact employee productivity, support costs, and data security.

Force the download of a specific firmware version onto select devices:

Enterprises can download new firmware to a few test devices to run interoperability or compatibility tests. This mandatory download is […] Read more

Device Software Update Management – Why Manage Device Software Updates?

Device Software Update Management – Why Manage Device Software Updates?

In enterprises with fragmented platforms and firmware versions, mobile device deployment and support becomes a time-consuming and tedious task. Proprietary enterprise apps and websites behave inconsistently on different firmware versions, so features require testing and troubleshooting on a widening array of device platforms.


Controlling the rollout of software updates allows IT admins to:


Homogenize the firmware versions and capabilities of deployed device models.
Carry out interoperability or compatibility testing with in-house or proprietary servers, apps, and endpoint settings.

Ensure that known issues are patched before deployment of major firmware version updates.

Perform field tests of new firmware and software on a subset of devices before […] Read more

App Container – Knox Workspace

App Container – Knox Workspace

Knox Workspace is an app container that provides enterprises with a solution to securely isolate personal and work data on one device. Protected by best-in-class hardware security, Knox Workspace provides IT admins with granular management policies. The Knox Workspace goes far beyond the standard data isolation provided by competitor container solutions. […] Read more

Deployment with GRAB Malaysia

Deployment with GRAB Malaysia

Another great event with GrabMY held last week. We’ve assisted Grab’s driver in setting up their mobile devices. We help corporate to engage mobility in workplace with Samsung #Knox, ensure driver’s device and corporate data are safe and secure.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can be part of SYNDES® offerings

[…] Read more

Manageability Highlights

Manageability Highlights

Device management services

To address a variety of business needs beyond security, the Samsung Knox portfolio is complemented by robust cloud services that ease mobile device deployment, customization, and management. These services include:


Knox Mobile Enrollment:

With this free service, enterprises can use a web console or REST API calls to automate device enrollment, either individually or in bulk. After an IT admin registers a device with this service, the device user simply turns it on and connects it to a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network to enroll it with an EMM system. There is no manual enrollment of individual devices, and no […] Read more

Data Protection

Data Protection

Enterprises can protect personal and enterprise data on mobile devices using a rich set of Knox features:


User authentication:

Samsung Knox devices support not just password, PIN, and pattern authentication but also the latest biometric authentication: fingerprints, iris, face, and Intelligent Scan. Options are available for both device lockscreen authentication and separate Knox Workspace authentication. Through the Knox Platform, you can provide enforce two-factor authentication for the Knox Workspace or enterprise AD credentials to ensure stronger data protection.


Encryption of device data:

Samsung Knox devices provide data encryption through Sensitive Data Protection that binds to the hardware-backed Root of Trust and user authentication. This […] Read more

App Isolation

App Isolation

The Knox Platform uses app isolation to prevent rogue apps from intentionally or inadvertently accessing unauthorized data. The Knox Platform provides several forms of app isolation to create a protected app container space on Samsung devices. Each option is based on the same core isolation technology called Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android.) SE for Android is an integration of SELinux and Android, expanded to cover Android components and design paradigms. The Knox Platform offers these options:


Android Enterprise on Samsung devices:

Android Enterprise provides app isolation through Work Profiles, which provide basic isolation of enterprise apps from personal apps. When […] Read more

Knox Platform Differentiators

Knox Platform Differentiators

The Knox Platform provides a robust set of features that are a superset of features on top of the basic Android platform, to fill security and management gaps, resolve pain points identified by enterprises, and meet the strict requirements of highly regulated industries. The following summarizes the key differentiating features:


Security highlights

The following sections describe how the Knox Platform provides an industry-leading ecosystem of products and services to secure and ease mobile device management.



Hardware-backed security


The Knox Platform defends against security threats and protects enterprise data through layers of security built on top of a hardware-backed trusted environment.


Trusted environment:        […] Read more

Now available: KPE Premium key

Now available: KPE Premium key

You can now purchase KPE Premium license keys from Knox resellers. This upgraded key provides a number of benefits to developers.

The KPE Premium key offers you new benefits:

1. Simpler to Deploy

In the past, if you wanted to make commercial deployments with Premium permissions, you needed to obtain two separate keys: Enterprise Licenses (ELM) and Knox Licenses (KLM). To simplify the process, we have upgraded the license key architecture by combining ELM and KLM in a single license key.  You now only need to obtain a single key – the KPE Premium key – to use both Standard and Premium permissions.

In addition to […] Read more