Here Are the 21 Tests Samsung’s Rugged Galaxy Tab Active2 Survived

Here Are the 21 Tests Samsung’s Rugged Galaxy Tab Active2 Survived

When you’re working in the field, the demands placed on your technology can be tough. Blowing rain, freezing temperatures, dust, drops and more. To withstand these demands, field workers need mobile devices that are as tough as the conditions they work in.

Rugged tablets have emerged as the best option to meet these challenges — but not all rugged devices are the same or can meet the unique working conditions for field workers across a variety of industries.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 is a new breed of rugged tablet, combining both durability and the smarts to support seamless workflows. Exposed to a series of MIL-STD-810G environmental tests in an independent lab, the Tab Active2 showed its resilience and strength in the face of some of the toughest environmental conditions.

Want to know just how tough? Here’s a quick look at the 21 tests the Tab Active2 survived.

Note that real world usage will vary from the specific environmental conditions used in the MIL-STD-810G testing and Samsung does not guarantee device performance in all extreme conditions.

Tests 1-8: Salt Fog, Immersion, Settling Dust, Blowing Rain, Dripping Rain, Blowing Dust and Icing

Open water, desert landscapes and nearshore environments can all create challenges for mobile devices left exposed to the elements. If you’re working in these types of conditions, you need to know that your device can withstand the rain, sand or ice. In the tests conducted in the MIL-STD-810G testing lab, the Tab Active2 resisted any water or dust intrusion with exposure of over three days for settling dust and 24 hours for salt fog. Devices were also immersed in water for 30 minutes at a depth of five feet (for IP68 certification), exposed to 4 inches of blowing rain per hour for 30 minutes along the device’s screen and covered with 6mm ice accretion, but still managed to emerge with no water intrusion.

Tests 9-11: Vibration, Transit Drop and Ballistic Shock

In industries like transportation and logisticsdefense and construction, rugged tablets are frequently exposed to vibration, ballistic shocks or transit drops. To ensure that the Galaxy Tab Active2 is strong enough to endure these kinds of bumps and bruises, the devices were dropped a distance of more than a meter a total of 26 times, received 10-100Hz maximum SRS shock and underwent an hour of vibration testing. In all tests, the devices showed no signs of damage beyond normal scuffing, proving that even when the going gets tough, the Tab Active2 keeps going.

Tests 12–19: Temperature and Humidity Conditions

Another risk in tough work environments is temperature and humidity. However, in the eight different tests conducted in the MIL-STD-810G testing lab, the Tab Active2 not only endured the rigorous testing conditions, but came through with no signs of damage, deformation, discoloration, or any other anomalies. Temperature tests include being exposed to a temperature shock of −4 degrees Fahrenheit to greater than 140 degrees, operating for two hours at −4 degrees and being stored for two hours at −40 degrees while also being exposed to temperatures greater than 176 degrees for two hours.

Tests 20-21: Nonoperating and Operating Altitude Testing

The last two tests the devices were put through included operating at 15 kilofeet for an hour and being stored for an hour at 15 kilofeet. The devices returned from such dizzying heights in perfect condition, proving once again that they were up to extreme environmental conditions.

In the long run though, choosing a rugged device like the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 isn’t only about its performance in extreme conditions — it’s also about achieving cost savings and greater productivity. Rugged devices last longer, lowering replacement costs and limiting worker downtime. Other features such as the S Pen, which allows gloved workers to use the device; a long-lasting, replaceable battery; and an IT-friendly device equipped with Samsung Knox for a military-grade security and easy device customization and management, make the Tab Active2 simply one of the best rugged tablets for any business or industry.

When it comes to toughness, useability and security, the Tab Active2 tablet has proven to be a fit for any business or industry.

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