Support for managed configurations is coming to Samsung apps

Support for managed configurations is coming to Samsung apps

As a big player in the Android ecosystem, we have decided to begin supporting managed configurations on Samsung apps, starting with Samsung Email.


What is managed configurations?


Managed configurations is an app configuration feature developed by Android. It allows you to remotely push configurations to apps.



Managed configurations use the following process:


1. App developers implement logic to support managed configurations in their apps. They define which app settings can be remotely configured in an XML schema file in their Android app. This schema is linked to the app’s manifest file. Once done, app developers push their app to Managed Google Play.


2. MDM developers […] Read more

Unique Advantages of Knox App Management

Unique Advantages of Knox App Management

What sets the Knox platform apart from other mobile platforms are the advanced app management features not found in other solutions, providing additional advantages that enable enterprises to be fully efficient and productive.


App control

Clear cache data:

Remove cache memory for an individual or list of apps to help optimize space and have complete control over your data.

Set default apps by intent:

Set an app as the primary app for a given task. For example, ensure your solution only uses a certain Internet browser or force your SMS service to comply with your strict company policies.

Admin privilege:

An admin can prevent the activation […] Read more