10 Benefits MDM Brings to School

10 Benefits MDM Brings to School

Because of the exponential growth in the use of information technology, schools are incorporating mobile devices into their curriculums, to prepare students for their future employment. World-wide, schools are implementing digital pedagogies with either shared mobile devices, dedicated 1:1 schemes or BYOD.

However, a mobile learning strategy presents numerous challenges. Schools need a means to manage, monitor and maintain a host of mobile devices, protect students from harmful online content, and ensure that their devices are secure.

Perhaps you are looking for a Mobile Device Manager for the first time, or perhaps your current application is limiting your mobile learning strategy. Selecting […] Read more

Unique Advantages of Knox App Management

Unique Advantages of Knox App Management

What sets the Knox platform apart from other mobile platforms are the advanced app management features not found in other solutions, providing additional advantages that enable enterprises to be fully efficient and productive.


App control

Clear cache data:

Remove cache memory for an individual or list of apps to help optimize space and have complete control over your data.

Set default apps by intent:

Set an app as the primary app for a given task. For example, ensure your solution only uses a certain Internet browser or force your SMS service to comply with your strict company policies.

Admin privilege:

An admin can prevent the activation […] Read more

Remote Control & Unique Advantages of Knox Remote Control

Remote Control & Unique Advantages of Knox Remote Control

With the increasing complexity of problems that IT admins must solve, Knox Remote Control provides IT admins a powerful way to quickly and remotely fix issues. Not only can IT admins have real-time access to what the remote device screen is displaying, but also control it by injecting actions such as finger, keyboard, and mouse events. Although other mobile platforms also offer remote viewing of remote device displays, only Knox provides built-in remote control of devices without requiring third-party solutions.


Here is an example use case:

An enterprise employee is on a business trip. On encountering a problem with the company-issued mobile […] Read more

Granular Device Management – Remote Admin Lock of Device

Granular Device Management – Remote Admin Lock of Device

This feature allows an IT admin to remotely lock out a device, for example, when the device is out of compliance. Once the device is locked, only an IT admin can unlock it and not a device user. This functionality solves two problems:


Prevents unauthorized users from accessing the device if it gets lost or stolen.
Prevents users with valid login credentials from using the device, for example, if the credentials are stolen or the user is no longer allowed to use the device.


With stock Android, an IT admin can lock a device only if it is currently unlocked. If the device […] Read more

Device Software Update Management – Knox Control over User Updates

Device Software Update Management – Knox Control over User Updates

A wide range of EMM partners support Samsung’s firmware management features, integrating firmware management with other asset management activities. IT admins can use these tools to test and deploy software updates in a consistent and low-risk way. Through EMM solutions, enterprises can restrict users from loading unauthorized firmware, through their devices or USB- connected computers.


Through the Knox Platform, enterprises can:


Prevent firmware rollback:

This option prevents valid, but out-of-date firmware versions from being maliciously or accidentally installed onto an enterprise’s devices. On Samsung Knox devices, a Rollback Prevention fuse encodes the minimum acceptable version of Samsung-approved software. With specific updates, the next […] Read more

Device Software Update Management

Device Software Update Management

Strict control over device firmware updates

Samsung developed Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) to enable enterprises to save time and support costs, and manage the mobile infrastructure as efficiently as possible.


With E-FOTA, enterprises can control device software updates as follows:


Select the highest firmware version allowed on devices:

This option ensures that device users can’t independently update to an unsupported firmware version, preventing issues that could negatively impact employee productivity, support costs, and data security.

Force the download of a specific firmware version onto select devices:

Enterprises can download new firmware to a few test devices to run interoperability or compatibility tests. This mandatory download is […] Read more