How Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) Helps Organisations in Data Security?

How Enterprise Mobility Management(EMM) Helps Organisations in Data Security?

Right now, enterprise mobility is the direction every corporate is working on. We have seen tremendous growth in cloud computing nowadays. Bringing your own device is getting more satisfaction and convenience in day to day work in office culture. The use of devices and apps loaded in them is also getting too much task for IT team.

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and Augmented Reality are the center of the talks for every meetings and conferences in 2018. Gaining in popularity in 2017, Enterprise Mobility is the priority for most of the corporates in 2018. No doubt, Enterprise Mobility has […] Read more

Reflections on Android Enterprise – Part 1

Reflections on Android Enterprise – Part 1

On November 14, the team and Stefan entered the Google office in Stockholm, Sweden, to run an event focused on what Android means for the enterprise. Working with mobility for the last thirteen years, I’ve closely observed and experienced rapid changes in mobile technology.

In comes Google with Android, and “together” with Apple the touchscreen market is completely changed! Bye, bye pen/stylus and hello finger-friendly intuitive interface.

EMM solution with Android management capabilities.

Fast-forward a few years of consumer adoption and a more fast phased development. It’s 2014 and Stefan start to see the first real successful attempts to implement Android at companies […] Read more

Granular Device Management – Custom Boot Banner

Granular Device Management – Custom Boot Banner

Samsung Knox is the only mobile platform that allows an enterprise to natively change the device boot logo. In many industries, such as government or defense, this change is mandatory for compliance. Through the Knox Platform, enterprise IT admins and developers can customize the following:


Samsung boot up display
Splash screen animation, when the device is turned on or off
Lockscreen image, which can provide an enterprise logo or contact info for lost phones


Enterprises can use these capabilities to mitigate problems such as the following:

Phone is lost and found:

Owner information is available by simply powering on the device. There is no need to […] Read more

Device Software Update Management – Why Manage Device Software Updates?

Device Software Update Management – Why Manage Device Software Updates?

In enterprises with fragmented platforms and firmware versions, mobile device deployment and support becomes a time-consuming and tedious task. Proprietary enterprise apps and websites behave inconsistently on different firmware versions, so features require testing and troubleshooting on a widening array of device platforms.


Controlling the rollout of software updates allows IT admins to:


Homogenize the firmware versions and capabilities of deployed device models.
Carry out interoperability or compatibility testing with in-house or proprietary servers, apps, and endpoint settings.

Ensure that known issues are patched before deployment of major firmware version updates.

Perform field tests of new firmware and software on a subset of devices before […] Read more

Knox Platform Differentiators

Knox Platform Differentiators

The Knox Platform provides a robust set of features that are a superset of features on top of the basic Android platform, to fill security and management gaps, resolve pain points identified by enterprises, and meet the strict requirements of highly regulated industries. The following summarizes the key differentiating features:


Security highlights

The following sections describe how the Knox Platform provides an industry-leading ecosystem of products and services to secure and ease mobile device management.



Hardware-backed security


The Knox Platform defends against security threats and protects enterprise data through layers of security built on top of a hardware-backed trusted environment.


Trusted environment:        […] Read more

CIOAdvisor Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider-2018

CIOAdvisor Enterprise Mobility Solution Provider-2018

In today’s era of internet and mobile technologies, enterprise mobility is key for business success.

In every businesses today are required to equip themselves the ability to centralize, customize and secure corporate mobile data, applications and devices.

Which SYNDES allow clients to control and protect data, and configuration settings of all mobile devices in their business entity; this approaches will help reduce client’s support cost and business risk on massive scale.

SYNDES ensure to personalise each mobile device to fit their own role as serving their owner.

Thus, it’s capabilities into well-defined approach that focuses on productivity, mobility, and security.

To read full article, please […] Read more