Data Protection

Data Protection

Enterprises can protect personal and enterprise data on mobile devices using a rich set of Knox features:


User authentication:

Samsung Knox devices support not just password, PIN, and pattern authentication but also the latest biometric authentication: fingerprints, iris, face, and Intelligent Scan. Options are available for both device lockscreen authentication and separate Knox Workspace authentication. Through the Knox Platform, you can provide enforce two-factor authentication for the Knox Workspace or enterprise AD credentials to ensure stronger data protection.


Encryption of device data:

Samsung Knox devices provide data encryption through Sensitive Data Protection that binds to the hardware-backed Root of Trust and user authentication. This […] Read more

Knox Platform Differentiators

Knox Platform Differentiators

The Knox Platform provides a robust set of features that are a superset of features on top of the basic Android platform, to fill security and management gaps, resolve pain points identified by enterprises, and meet the strict requirements of highly regulated industries. The following summarizes the key differentiating features:


Security highlights

The following sections describe how the Knox Platform provides an industry-leading ecosystem of products and services to secure and ease mobile device management.



Hardware-backed security


The Knox Platform defends against security threats and protects enterprise data through layers of security built on top of a hardware-backed trusted environment.


Trusted environment:        […] Read more