COVID-19: 7 Ways that Help Your Employees Stay Productive during Pandemic

COVID-19: 7 Ways that Help Your Employees Stay Productive during Pandemic

COVID-19 as global pandemic that’s sending shock waves around the entire world. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before and as small business, it’s something you’ve probably never had to plan for. If you feel overwhelmed, we have put together this free COVID-19 employer response pack that can help you navigate through this time. So, with office closures going on all over Australia and a shift to remote work, how do you ensure that your employees stay productive when they work from home?

If you’re one of the lucky small businesses that has the option to allow your employees to work from home during this circumstance. It’s […] Read more

Coronavirus pandemic cause majority business to work from home.

Coronavirus pandemic cause majority business to work from home.

Getting risky with business.
Worker found embarrassed during work from home

DURING the coronavirus pandemic thousands of employees worldwide have to work from home.

Despite being able to work from the comfort of their own bed, some workers have faced issues in the process.
The isolated workers have taken to social media to share their biggest work from home fails during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are some examples of what happen to workers who are working from home.

Whilst on camera for a team meeting via video call, Amanda Baker was left accidentally flashing her co-workers when Ryan walked in shot without any clothes on.

The employee […] Read more

Work From Home Video Chat Mistake Goes Viral

As many of us are advised to work from home as the coronavirus pandemic.
In grips the globe, we are all finding ourselves having to adjust to the remote working life which may often involve online video conference calls with other key team members to ensure our work continues as efficiently as possible.

Of course, for many of us home working seemed like a great idea when we were stuck, cooped up in the office but when it boils down to it things can become well, a little distracting.

Procrastinators in particular may find it somewhat difficult to focus especially if they find […] Read more

COVID-19: Tips From a Work-at-Home Veteran

COVID-19: Tips From a Work-at-Home Veteran

If you’re not used to working from home, though, you might feel lonely, distracted, unproductive, or just weird. It’s one thing to work from home occasionally, and quite another to be exiled from the office because of who knows how long.

There are some tips shared by Carmicheal about work from home.

In 2018, she left a job where she was a Monday-to-Thursday office worker, with deep work Fridays at home, and moved to a new job where she would work almost all the time from home. Besides, she thought it would be heavenly to have five days a week of binge-editing […] Read more