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Enterprise Mobility Solution

Amazing Enterprise Mobility Solution

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Let your mobile devices play the right role!

  • Remotely manage all your endpoint devices that operate on different systems from a single console.
  • Ensure seamlessly access to corporate resources from bringing your own devices (BYOD) and corporate devices.
  • Effectively secure content, password and encryption on the mobile device using containerization policies.

Manage, secure and control your endpoints

  • Bulk enroll devices in seconds securely
  • Real-time location tracking on maps
  • Set up devices with required apps and settings using default jobs and policies
  • Remotely lock and wipe stolen or missing devices

Comprehensive mobile application management

  • Deploy, manage, and secure applications on devices
  • View and manage installed apps and versions on devices
  • Manage software assets

Secure access your company documents

  • Secure data delivery and keep it safe on devices
  • Remotely deliver content to devices
  • Wipe or delete company data from devices in the event of noncompliance with company policies.

Support employee empowerment

  • Provide your employees with the authority to use their personal devices for work
  • Add enterprise email to devices
  • Push enterprise Wi-Fi configuration and credentials to devices
  • Send and receive private data through a corporate secured network.

Integrate seamlessly with your in-house Identity Provider

  • Enable hassle-free and secure authentication from mobile devices
  • Integrate with your Enterprise Active Directory and enable Single Sign-on
  • Remotely push identity certificates to devices
  • View and manage the list of installed certificates



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