Customer Story: KOAMTAC’s KDC100 Barcode Scanners Help UK Food Wholesaler Go Green With Ordering System

Musgrave Retail Partners is one of the United Kingdom’s largest wholesalers of groceries and fresh foods; the group supplies the popular Londis convenience stores made up of some 2,000 franchisees.

The Londis stores were facing the challenges typical of any large-scale retail operation keeping store shelves fully stocked and keeping customers up-to-date on the latest prices and promotions.

At the same time, Musgrave was looking to move away from a paper-based ordering system to one that was high-tech and streamlined. The company turned to technology supplier and business improvement expert Herbert Retail to find the perfect solution and found it in KOAMTAC’s KDC100 barcode scanner, one of the most compact, yet durable and versatile data collectors on the market today.

The KDC is small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, making one-handed scanning a snap, and it is also light and ergonomically designed so that the incidence of worker fatigue and injury sometimes seen with larger, heavier scanners is not an issue.

Custom software was created for Londis franchisees and installed on their computers, allowing them to scan product labels with the KDC100 and use its buttons to enter desired quantities.

After scanning, they just connect the KDC to their computers, and the information is sent directly to the order page, saving paper and eliminating the possibility of error common with manual input. Prices and promotions for savvy shoppers also are updated automatically.

Reducing worker fatigue and room for error, saving time and saving trees- the KDC100 is the perfect partner for retail solutions and for making a greener world.

Hettinger, A. (2016, October 6). KOAMTAC’s KDC100 Barcode Scanners Help UK Food Wholesaler Go Green With Ordering System. KOAMTAC.

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