Enterprise Device Management

A set of technology, processes, and policies to secure and manage the use of corporate and employee owned mobile devices within an organization.

Streamline Workforce Mobility & Mitigate Risk

Enterprise Mobility Management able to handle your massive burden in managing remotely extensive and expanding use of mobile device that across multiple operating system. EMM has also evolved to cover more type of devices beyond mobile, laptop, tablet, and also wearable devices.

Mobile device security protects your data from threats that lead to data breaches, unauthorised access to sensitive data, and even data loss as a result of user error or a stolen or misplaced device. It is possible to protect employees and organization with a managed mobile device security contingency plan.

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End-To-End Encryption | Call & Text Message

Making sure no one can get into your business call, trade secret, intellectual property, business strategies, financial and customer data or any information that considered confidential.

Secure HD-Quality Calling

Encrypted Message

Real-time Alert Spam Caller

Maximize Call Deliverability

Unified Monitoring Console

Prevent Eavesdropping Attack

Effectively push secure communication policy across the organization

security call and text

Other Amazing Features

Manage iOS, Android and Windows Devices

Zero Touch Installations

Zero touch installations to remove deployment nightmares. Single dashboard enrollment, able to see all devices. Successful device being enrolled.

Easy To Use 0

User Friendly Dashboard 0

Device Lockdown

Lock your devices to kiosk mode & remote control at business will. Kiosk mode simple illustration

Control Over-The-Air

Reboot devices remotely, updating devices, notification, application, functions or policies instantly.

Remote KIOSK Unlock 0

Ensure Mobile POS Devices Is Consistently Supportable 0

Custom-Built Device

You brand as your persona, customization of persona. Boot up customization

Tailor Made Policies 0

Purposed-Built Apps For Different Scenario 0

Power Location-Based Tracking Experience

Locate, track and enforce restriction parameter or lockdown on dynamics groups to have all the devices in violation automatically restricted.

Fortify Both Corporate & Personal Data

Secure corporate data by remotely locking or wiping stolen devices. Delete apps and settings at all times.

File-Based Encryption 0

Separate Work Profile With Containerization 0

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