Get Paid When You Recycle Used Electronic Devices

Electronic trade-in and recycling made simple and rewarding. We provide FREE pick-up at your doorstep and get paid when your used electronic devices are collected.

Fast, Convenient & Great Value

 Require only 1 Working Device or 3 Non-Working Devices for FREE pickup.

Payment by cash, bank transfer, e-wallet (TnG, Grabpay, Bigpay or Boost) or cheque (for amounts exceeding RM1,000).

Saves space in the landfills and prevents the environmental pollution caused by the toxins.

People are purchasing more electronic products than ever before. Every day, newer, faster technology is introduced, resulting in constant upgrades to electronic equipment. This means that obsolete computer, mobile phone, and gaming system models are discarded on a regular basis.

Have a haul of old electronics you’d like to unload? Let us help

How It Works

Contact our friendly staff via Whatsapp to get more details on Recycling your used and old devices

Our support team will give you the booking form link to fill up and will confirm the value of the items & pickup time asap!

Your items will be collected and you’ll receive an instant payment at the same day

Please contact us to more information on how electronics recycling can benefit you.

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