Healthcare: An Industry in Transformation

Replace traditional operations in healthcare organizations to provide high-quality medical care. A secure MDM solution can help hospitals manage mobility.

The Challenges


Devices unmanageable upon the excessive use of mobile devices for non-work activities.


Manually configuring and managing the device settings


The devices that were deployed by the corporation needed to be tracked to determine employee performance

Great Business Needs Right Devices

We provide custom drop-ship solutions for your devices. Browse through our devices that are suited for your business needs.

Zebra Products

Zebra Devices

With a Zebra enterprise mobile computer in hand, workers can access the information, applications and people they need to get the job done. The result? Productivity is up and your customers experience the best service possible.

rugged series

Samsung Rugged Series

When work gets extra tough, rugged devices get the job done. Designed to withstand the most demanding environments, the Samsung heavy duty smartphones keep you connected, productive and protected.

One Solution to Manage All

Empowers your workforce to secure, monitor, and remotely manage all kinds of business devices from a central web console.


Maintain Patient Data Privacy

Maintain patient data security with utmost diligence.

Laptop Metrics

Enable Healthcare Access Out of Hours

Empower your healthcare staff to use the devices they love. Improve healthcare access and telehealth without compromising on patient data security.


Empower Frontline Healthcare Staff

Let your frontline staff including doctors and nurses have access to e-health records with ease. Share files in real-time, make video or voice calls to enable telehealth.


Optimized Healthcare Operations

Replace paper-pen based clinical operations and record keeping with mission-centric applications.

Rugged Cases & Mobile Accessories Built For Your Business

Find the best accessories professionals are using to increase productivity and comfort


 Along the way, our expertise in device protection, custom solutions and customer support has grown exponentially. From device cases to mobile accessories, we elevate productivity and safeguards connectivity.


The Koamtac KDC may be connected to a PDA, PC, any major smart device. The secure connection enables instantaneous access to accurate, real-time medical data at any time, anywhere.


We embrace the opportunity to collaborate with your organization to design mobile device protection and mounting solutions around your product or service.


Strike has emerged as an automotive technology leader that delivers high-performance products for the automotive & telecommunication industries from this foundation.

Case Study

Browse the ways in how application management could help customers or businesses to enhance their workflow.

Bringing Excellence to Healthcare: Hospital of Andalusia

“Topnotch customer service whatever my region time I find someone answer me and give support, Ability to Schedule new requests for features didn't exist, MDM with awesome mobile tracing system”

Reduce medical costs and maintaining a high-level of service while delivering patient care.

Through Auto-ID technology, the KDC will improve patient care through accessible medical data, and by reducing healthcare costs; eliminating costly medical mistakes, such as, redundant tests and delivery of incorrect prescription drugs.

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