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Screen Time Limit

Balance you kid's screen time or limits how much of gadgets time is qualified


Reward your kids with our Family FunTime once a week

Track Live Location

Instantly look-up where all your kids are at the moment with our live locator

Control Apps & Games

Auto-block new or inapproapriate apps in your kid's device

Emergency Button

An notification will send to you immediately when your kids clicks on the SOS Button

Geo-Fencing Alert

Keeping you notified whenever your kids out from a specific area


1. What’s the Guardian of Kids 

Guardian of kids is a Protection software that keep your family safe from all kind of Online Threats.

2. How does it help to your Family & Kids? 

Guardian of Kids helps to maintain a time balance spent on online & offline activities as a way to prevent overuse of Digital Gadgets.

3. How to Get Started with Guardian of Kids?

First choose the plan which is right for you and contact us. We will create an account for you. Next, Guardian of Kids will guide you through an easy configuration process to make sure that all your family devices are protected.

4. Which Platforms is Guardian of Kids compatible with?

Guardian of Kid works on the most popular platform with both iOS and Android.

5. Can I try it out first?  

Absolutely, we do have 30-days trial in case you’re not certain with the product.

6. What’s the right plan for me? 

Nowadays a typical family of four owns several devices. This includes smartphones and tablets. We will recommend Best for Prince/Princess Package.

7. How do I switch to a bigger Premium plan? 

Easy! Click here to find out exclusive offers for Premium users.

8. What are my payment options? 

We offer Online Banking as for the payment option. Coming soon on more payment option.





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