Everything is linked with SOTI ONE Platform

Elevate your business critical mobility strategy to the next level. The SOTI ONE Platform lowers the cost, complexity, and downtime associated with your mission-critical mobile and IoT operations.

Simplify Business Mobility

Simplify, smarten, and increase the reliability of mobile and IoT business processes

Enterprise Mobility Management

Streamlines the security, administration, and maintenance of your important corporate mobility and IoT deployment

What SOTI Can Do For Your Business

Eliminate Mobile Downtime

Improve help desk utilization and worker productivity.

Rapid App Development

Helps enterprises to create the mobile apps they require more quickly, cheaply, and on schedule.

Simplify, Smarten, and Increase The Reliability of Your Mobile and IoT Business Processes


Enhance Your Workforce Productivity

Lockdown your managed devices anytime, anywhere, to maintain security, compliance and protect sensitive data

Create and execute end-to-end management for all of your critical mobility needs

Secures and manages all mobile and IoT devices

SOTI Customer's Story

SOTI has an established track record as a pioneer and industry leader in mobility and IoT management. See how SOTI's solutions are assisting our clients' businesses.

The Challenges

As the scope of their company's mobile deployments grew, it became critical to find a solution that allows the IT staff to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot devices in the field. By limiting device downtime, the organization was able to assure the high dependability and productivity of its service personnel. Another significant problem was that its IT personnel had to manually update apps and security rules on the devices. Because the devices are dispersed, it would take IT admins months to physically update all of them.

Workforce Productivity 0

Remote Control 0

The Solutions

After weighing the pros and cons of several Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, (EMM) options available on the market, they selected SOTI MobiControl in the end because it gives them the most control MobiControl offers other cutting-edge features that we may use in addition to our criteria to improve our mobile operations. They may use SOTI to centrally manage, maintain, secure, monitor, and track their mobile devices regardless of where they are. They can run remote diagnostics in real-time to discover device problems and take remote control of an end user's device for troubleshooting using MobiControl's powerful remote control and Help Desk capabilities.

Client's Feedback

“Prior to installing MobiControl, device users on the road had to return to our head office to get their devices fixed, which took hours before the issue was resolved. With MobiControl’s innovative remote control technology, device issues are resolved within minutes of us getting a support call. This saves us both time and money, allowing us to see the ROI of our mobility investment within a short period.” - Sean Macdonald Mobile Solutions Specialist CAA South Central Ontario

Secure Enterprise Applications 0

Remotely Lock and Wipe Device 0

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