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Ways to Safely Clean Your Mobile Phone

There are a few ways to ensure that your phone is as clean as your hands while avoiding any unnecessary damage to the device. Before cleaning, always start by turning your phone off, and ensure you leave it to dry once before turning it back on. It’s also advised that you clean your phone daily. 

The safest option is wipes

Using a 75% alcohol wipe is the best option for cleaning your phone. These wipes can be used on all the exterior surfaces of the phone such as the display and rear casing, avoiding any openings on the phone (headphone ports, speakers, etc).

Use mild soap and water as an alternative

Start by making a mixture of dish soap and water. All advice points to avoiding dunking your phone in soapy water at any cost because this can seriously damage its internals. Instead, dip a microfibre cloth into the mixture. These cloths are much less abrasive than towels or tissues and are less likely to damage the protective, scratch-resistant layer on your phone’s display.

Don’t forget to clean your phone case

If you’re using a phone case to cover your precious handset, you should be just as diligent with cleaning it, particularly if your phone case doubles as a purse to store your cards and money.

  • Leather case– To clean these types of cases, use a damp cloth with a mild hand soap and water solution on it. You can also use a mild cleaner with the cloth to get stubborn stains out. 
  • Plastic, rubber and silicone case – Soak the case in a solution of dish soap and warm water for a few minutes. If you have any stubborn stains, you can gently scrub a toothbrush on them to try and get them out. Dry the case with a microfibre cloth. 
  • Wood case – Contact with water can deteriorate the wood over time so use a dry microfibre cloth regularly to wipe these cases down.

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