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4 Hands-Free Frontline Worker Technologies for the 2020s – Part 2

Galvanic Skin Response Devices

Hands-free galvanic skin response devices allow workers to easily learn more about their own emotions and experiences via sweat monitoring, and to optionally have that information relayed to other staff. This way, if employees operating heavy machinery are in a severely agitated state, they can be encouraged to take care of themselves, rather than potentially endangering others.

Managers can utilize these devices for more than just monitoring. The Feel Emotion Sensor, for example, offers an enterprise program wherein each worker is encouraged to monitor and sustain their own mental health. This, in turn, can improve workers’ perception of you and your company as a whole.

An important caveat for these devices is that they are good at measuring the intensity of emotion, but not the emotion itself. This doesn’t impact the usefulness of these devices in operating heavy machinery, where any extremely strong emotion can be disruptive, but could limit the accuracy of more generalized mental health monitoring.

Gesture Control Devices

Gesture control devices enable users to use finger movements as a means by which to control other devices. The most immediate benefit of this technology is the ability to accelerate device use training by allowing intuitive gesture controls in place of complicated interfaces. This has a variety of potential applications in industry; for instance, gesture control could enable employees to quickly master tasks like drone piloting.

To be fair, individuals whose hands are full may not be capable of making gestures; still, if someone’s hands are covered with a substance that makes touchscreen use unsanitary or infeasible, gesture control is a workaround that minimizes potential disruption.


All of these frontline worker technologies speak to the importance of helping these workers find ways to enhance their productivity while respecting the strenuous range of tasks they are already performing. Investing in frontline worker technologies lets you raise employee morale, reduce costs, and increase output.

As with rugged mobile devices and other frontline worker technology mainstays, coordinating every device is essential. Unified Endpoint Management software like 42Gears UEM solution is essential in allowing you to integrate new technologies into your network.

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