Customer Story: Şenpiliç Secures Its Data and Increases Employee Productivity with the Support of SOTI MobiControl

“Having control over devices across our network was a big concern for us. With SOTI MobiControl, we are now able to remotely manage our devices and keep track of progress in the field. Location tracking is important to us as it allows us to track the performance of our workers.”

– Kıymet Acur, Şenpiliç IT Manager 

Şenpiliç, one of the 100 largest industrial enterprises in Turkey, is the largest integrated chicken producer and an industry leader with 18% market share. Şenpiliç has a focus on food safety and best agricultural practices. Headquartered in Istanbul, they serve all of Turkey with 17 regional offices and 63 dealers.

Industry: Manufacturing

Operating Systems: Android

The Challenge

The IT team had some control over the devices in the field with different applications, but these applications did not provide enough flexibility, information and trust. The team needed a solution that could help protect their data, as well as offer security solutions to solve the issues they were experiencing. For example, end users could easily change device settings such as location tracking or use the device for personal use. Şenpiliç also needed to understand the habits of their users as devices in the field were being utilised to monitor productivity

The Solution

SOTI MobiControl – introduced to Şenpiliç by SOTI’s partner Univis – gave the IT team the ability to provide remote support to end users and restrict and control user activities to ensure data security. With SOTI MobiControl handling Şenpiliç’s entire device management process, the IT team can now focus on security compliance. In addition, Senpilic can update firmware efficiently and seamlessly for its IT team and field workers.

The Results

Security concerns in Şenpiliç’s network were resolved after SOTI MobiControl was implemented. With the help of SOTI and Univis, Şenpiliç’s devices are now more secure, can be controlled anywhere they are located and are supported remotely for their users who working in the field. The IT team now only takes care of device problems when they occur.

SOTI is a proven innovator and industry leader for simplifying business mobility and making it smarter, faster and more reliable. SOTI helps businesses around the world take mobility to endless possibilities.

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