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How Rugged Devices Could Win Over Consumer Devices?

Nowadays, more and more mobile technologies were introduced for industrial use in various sectors. But when the smartphone was launched, followed by the tablet, consumer adoption was rapid and rabid. Consumers became more addicted and dependant to their mobile devices as the software developers introduced more tempting and useful mobile apps. 

The user’s reliance on the ease and familiarity brought by consumer devices caused them to penetrate into the workplace, including tough environments, like manufacturing and warehouse operations. However, reality has proven that the usage of rugged devices are more suitable than consumer devices for use in industrial space.

The initial purchase price doesn’t reflect the TCO

Unquestionably, you can purchase a consumer smartphone or tablet for less than the cost of a purpose-built, rugged version. However, the consumer device has a shorter lifecycle—about two years—while a rugged device is expected to last four years or longer. Recent research by The Aberdeen Group showed that a business with 1,000 mobile devices spends approximately $170,000 more per year to support consumer-grade devices than the enterprise-grade.

Consumer devices aren’t equipped for enterprise needs

As a work device, your mobile computing technology needs to utilize enterprise software. That means you need enterprise-grade security and functionality. Android is one of the most popular operating systems, but it was designed for consumer use. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is built with enterprise-grade security and features into rugged technology. It has longer battery power, greater screen resiliency to light and moisture, better acoustics, and tougher drop-resistance.

Consumer devices strain your IT resources

Mobile devices are accessing your network—and other users of those mobile devices (e.g., kids). That means your enterprise is susceptible to viruses and unauthorized access. In addition, mobile devices are easily lost or stolen. Between provisioning, remotely wiping, and upgrading mobile devices and applications on a wide range of consumer devices, you’re pushing the limits of your IT staff’s time. An enterprise-grade, rugged device is more easily managed through your mobile device management (MDM).

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