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5 Perceptions that may Exposed Your Company’s Biggest Problem

There are five metrics that will give you a great picture of the current state of your device fleet, what problems are sneaking underneath, and how to manage your devices more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s look at each in sequence and see what it can do for you.

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Per-Device Data Consumption

The most direct cost when you buy devices for employees is only part of the full cost you spend. However, the data consumption costs exceed up-front costs surprisingly fast. You need to keep an eye on data consumption to keep these costs in check. 

Data consumption reflects differences in how employees work and how effective they are. If the values are abnormally low, it reflects that the employees aren’t doing much work. Conversely, abnormally high values suggest that employees are either inefficient or distracted with data-hungry non-work applications.

Device Battery Levels

If data consumption measures how employees are doing, then battery levels will tell you how devices are doing.

Device battery issues often accompany other device problems- and identifying struggling devices will let you find and solve those problems before they become headaches for your employees. This is preventative maintenance, a key strategy for controlling tech costs.

Device Location

All the time and effort you put into choosing great devices are wasted when your devices are lost or stolen. However, you can still make things under control with mobile device management (MDM) to track the location of your stolen or missing corporate-owned device.

If devices (and the employees using them) spend too much or too little time in a given space, this will give you a hint as to what your employees want from your office spaces.

Browser Use and Keyword Filtering

Many companies restrict what their employees can access on browsers at work- but far fewer have any idea whether these restrictions actually work.

Employee productivity is inversely proportional to the number of distractions available- which is to say that distracting websites result in unproductive employees. If your strategy for restricting content doesn’t work, you will needlessly antagonize employees without seeing a benefit.

By seeing how employees browse on work devices, you can also learn what questions they have relating to work, and provide them with the answers they need.

Device Updates and Software Updates

For companies to claim that they are dedicated to security, they need to ensure that every device is in line with the company’s security policies. If even one device has an outdated OS or app, the many threat defences you put in place could be breached.

Knowing that devices are out-of-date puts you one step closer to rectifying the issue. With mobile device management (MDM) console, you can push all needed OS, app, and firmware updates to each device as soon as you find out there is an issue.


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