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How MDM can help to reduce your workload?

Without a proper MDM solution in the workplace, the IT admins’ job can be hard and countless hours would have to be spent to manage the devices within the organization are secure and updated. It also brings inconvenience to deal with remote staff’s problem. These extra working hours can be easily avoided with an MDM solution. 

MDM can help simplify the workload of IT admins by enabling them to view and manage the devices from a centralized console, through the management dashboard you can:

  • Ensure easy device onboarding
  • Secure user access to essential content and resources
  • Have an ongoing compliance management
  • Remotely access user end devices and fix various troubleshooting issues

Ensures routine maintenance of devices

The benefits of using an MDM solution not only reduce the effort of device provisioning away from IT admins, but it also ensures security as the multi-factor authentication prevents unauthorized technicians from logging into the MDM portal. The admins can efficiently manage and monitor the enrolled devices by applying the required restrictions and apps from a single console. As a result, the managed mobile devices can be properly monitored by the IT admins in generating reports on its device status, users, location, applications, data management, compliance, and audits. 

Secure Content and App Management

MDM enables the IT admin to set up multiple catalogues to easily deploy applications to a different set of targeted users, separate app catalogues can be created for people working in different departments. By deploying MDM onto the work devices, the admins can set permissions and configurations on the work apps present within devices enrolled via the Android Enterprise program. 

Easier management of Kiosk devices

With MDM, the IT admins can easily lock down the devices to a kiosk mode by restricting other unnecessary functionalities to just a few preconfigured settings and limited applications. Therefore, the user can be restricted from making changes to the network settings and device functionalities by configuring the peripheral settings. 

Enhances security capabilities

By enrolling MDM, the admins can have a variety of security accessibility such as creating a dedicated space on the device where all the work-related data can be stored and kept separate from the personal data of the user. It brings convenience to the users to use their personal mobile device for work it has brought on more responsibilities to IT admins.

Locate lost devices and remotely wipe data

When an employee loses their mobile phone or reports that their mobile device was stolen, an MDM can easily ensure the device security and provide businesses with benefits to locate and safeguard the lost devices of their employees. By remotely locking down the lost or stolen device, IT admins can ensure data present inside stays protected. Other than that, the admins can also initiate a corporate data wipe or a complete wipe to erase the sensitive corporate information in the mobile device.

By implementing the right MDM solution, the IT admins can avoid stress-filled work schedule and enjoy the benefits of streamlined management of mobile devices, reduced workload, productive employees and increased security.  

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