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Android Device Management Explained

Android MDM: Android Device Management Explained

Android MDM: Master Your Mobile Fleet

Android Mobile Device Management (Android MDM) is software that allows businesses to remotely monitor and manage Android devices. It is important for businesses that use Android devices to have remote visibility and control. Android MDM specifically refers to managing Android mobile devices, while Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to managing any mobile device. If you have a group of Android devices, then you need Android MDM. Advanced solutions offer additional features like locking down devices to a single app or disabling hardware buttons.

Understanding Android MDM Costs

The cost of Android MDM varies, with solutions ranging from $3.25 to $9 per device per month, according to research. However, the cost of Android MDM can be intricate, so it is important to understand more about MDM cost.

Feature-Rich Android MDM

Android MDM platforms have evolved to offer advanced features beyond basic device management. Some key features to look for in an Android MDM platform include kiosk mode, remote control, provisioning options, telemetry data and alerts, device grouping, and staged software rollouts.

MDM Limitations for Deployment

There are limitations to Android MDM solutions originally designed for the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) use case. These solutions may not effectively handle device deployment and software updates. If updates are important, it is crucial to find an Android MDM solution that offers granular control over software and content.

GMS or AOSP? Choosing the Right Android

GMS (Google Mobile Services) and AOSP (Android Open Source Project) are two types of Android management. GMS devices have access to the Google Play Store and various Google services, while AOSP devices do not have these features. GMS devices have certain advantages but require certification from Google, while AOSP devices offer more flexibility but lack Google’s services and support infrastructure.

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Choosing the Right Android MDM Solution

When searching for an Android MDM solution, it is important to consider your specific use case and the needs of your business. Additionally, evaluating the limitations and drawbacks of your current solution can help you determine if there is a better option available. Proper fleet management with the right Android MDM solution can save money and improve product development and flexibility at scale.

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Choosing the Best Android MDM

When shopping for Android MDM, it is essential to consider your specific use case. If you have a simple BYOD scenario, most Android MDMs will suffice. However, if your devices are crucial for revenue generation or business-critical tasks, you must choose carefully. Do not overlook alternative solutions just because your current MDM has workarounds in place. Count the time spent troubleshooting and building workarounds, and you will realize the value of an effective MDM. Implementing proper fleet management not only saves money but also enables faster product development and greater flexibility at scale.


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