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device management trends for 2024

Device Management Trends For 2024

In 2024, there are several key trends and developments expected in the field of device management.

AI on the Move: Advancing Intelligence at the Edge

Firstly, AI technology will continue to advance and be integrated into edge devices. Conversational AI, such as ChatGPT, is already being used on point-of-sale devices for tasks like restaurant or retail ordering. As mobile devices become more prevalent, there will be a greater demand for AI and machine learning at the edge. This will include updating apps and content files as well as rolling out machine learning model updates to devices. Companies like Airship AI and Google are already making strides in this area.

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Healthcare’s Digital Shift: Security Takes Center Stage

In the healthcare industry, device usage is expected to continue to grow. Devices play a crucial role in healthcare delivery, from remote patient monitoring to telehealth and managing electronic health records. With the increase in internet-connected devices, there is a greater focus on device security and compliance, particularly in healthcare. Compliance will be a top priority in 2024, followed by the integration of security into the entire device solution, from chip to cloud.

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Beyond the Engine: Software Takes the Wheel in the Future of Mobility

Electric vehicles (EVs) and connected technology are redefining customer expectations in the automotive industry. Features like large touchscreens, connectivity, and over-the-air updates are now possible in vehicles. These advancements are also being extended to other mobility form factors, such as scooters and motorcycles. EV infrastructure is becoming smarter, with features like customer-facing screens, mobile apps, and smart energy distribution. Software management will be crucial in the EV industry to ensure a seamless user experience.

Unlocking the Power of Device Logs

The importance of device logs will grow in 2024, especially for mission-critical functions like healthcare and mobility. Granular logging is essential for increasing security and compliance, as well as providing better support and troubleshooting. Currently, device-specific logs are rudimentary, but there will be a demand for more detailed logs, including response times, resource consumption, and specific error codes.

The Year of OS and Hardware Renewal

2024 will also see a significant increase in hardware and operating system refreshes. Many companies have delayed hardware refreshes due to budget constraints, leading to devices running outdated operating systems. In 2024, there will be an opportunity to update to the latest hardware and operating systems. Customers will need to consider factors like form factor availability and the performance and reliability of different operating systems. Managing a mixed OS fleet may also be necessary to meet diverse customer needs. This presents an exciting opportunity for innovation in the device management space.

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