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App and Data Protection – Enterprise Productivity Apps

Mobile apps have changed the way we work by providing new channels of communication, innovating customer engagement, and empowering organizations with critical data in real-time. Samsung Knox devices include a set of productivity apps for both personal and business use.


Business-critical apps include Samsung Email, Internet browser, Calendar, and Contacts. Enterprise IT admins can secure these apps within the Knox Workspace, along with other apps used by the enterprise.


The Knox Platform secures enterprise apps and protects con app data through these methods:


  • App installations and updates:

Apps are pre-inst within the mobile device’s secure Knox Workspace a can update these apps independent of firmware upd through Google Play.

  • App isolation:

Apps are sandboxed within the Kn Workspace, which uses SE for Android to prevent per apps from interfering with the business apps that are Knox Workspace.

  • App permissions:

Knox provides App Permission Monitoring to help users prevent malware from usin powerful permissions to gain unauthorized access to device and Knox Workspace.

  • Data At Rest:

Through Knox’s Sensitive Data Protection (SDP), the files and data used by an app c encrypted until device users authenticate at device u Knox Workspace login. Individual apps can further d app-specific password as another line of defense.

  • Data In Transit:

App data sent through the public can be secured using Knox’s advanced VPN features.

  • DeX integration:

Not only are all Samsung native optimized to work within DeX, enterprises can secure while they’re displayed in DeX.

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