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How to Select the Right Emergency System?

If you’re looking to improve the way your organization handles emergencies, you might feel overwhelmed by the various options of emergency alert systems for schools and businesses. To help you move forward, here’re 5 important tips.

Dynamic Situations Require Dynamic Alerts

A single siren cannot help students, teachers, or workers to distinguish between a fire drill and a weather advisory. A good way to help to differentiate those alerts is to send text-based alerts. If every type of emergency has its details relayed via text, everyone knows what is happening right away. This makes it easy to take action immediately.

Digital Signs Make Emergency Alerts Easier

When sending emergency alerts, you need to make sure everyone is noticed. However, some people do not own smartphones, and you cannot always rely on them to alert everyone at once. Digital signs provide a great way to send emergency alerts that everyone will see. Your digital signboard can be managed by mobile device management (MDM) where messages can be updated remotely at once. 

Make Emergency Alerts Eye-Catchy

An emergency system only works if people notice alerts right away. If you manage signs and smart boards with MDM, you can send out alerts in a range of colours and sizes. As a start, you can send out alerts in different colours to represent different emergencies. This way, everyone sees the colourful alerts quickly and knows what to do at a glance.

Use Alerts Beyond Emergencies

Mobile device management (MDM) solution enables you to send alerts to specific device groups, which you can use to relay non-urgent information and celebrate exciting moments. Using alerts in these ways can help to normalize the alert system in the eyes of students and workers. If students and workers are used to seeing messages, they will be less shocked by an alert’s appearance, and more ready to act on its contents.

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