5 Biggest Reasons Why Hotels Need Mobile Device Management

Hoteliers are encountering issues in meeting the expectations of both visitors and workers who are carrying a growing number of mobile devices as the BYOD trend in the lodging industry grows. The advantages of mobile are numerous, but ensuring optimum utilisation across a business may be challenging.

The availability of mobile device management (MDM) in the hospitality industry has improved the situation by allowing hotels to govern the hotel enterprise mobile technology trend.

A solution for “the administration of mobile devices, such as cellphones, tablet computers, laptops, and desktop computers” is characterised as Mobile Device Management (MDM). It’s not only a buzzword for hotel technology. As more hotels witness an increase in tourists with mobile devices and as hotel rooms become increasingly equipped with advanced technology, such as hotel in-room tablets, enterprise mobility technologies will become more valuable as a means of simplifying these hotel technology upgrades.


Remote Management of Devices

With more connected devices on your site than employees, MDM solutions make it easier to monitor and manage them. In order to increase guest service and engagement, several hotels are now placing in-room tablets in guest rooms. The best approach to quickly get them up and running, as well as do continuous maintenance, is to use Hotel MDM. Devices on the network can be remotely erased or diagnostics done for troubleshooting using MDM in hotels.

Regulation of Applications

Airbnb and other accommodation that provides lodges with technology devices to its guests before, during, and after their stay are getting more popular than ever, such as providing complimentary access to on hotel tablets. Hotel management may choose which apps to load or block on devices throughout the network using a hotel MDM solution, resulting in a better digital worker and guest experience.

Data Protection and Backup

The use of a hotel MDM solution to manage data can help to limit the risk of costly data exposure and breach occurrences. Hoteliers can employ mobile device management to preserve data and prevent leaks, as well as to remove data from unauthorized user devices totally.


Expanded Security Features

Many hoteliers place a high importance on the security of their digital networks and guest data, and there has been discussion on how to improve hotel security when it comes to network access, particularly from mobile devices. The implementation of hotel MDM can enable the expansion of security measures such as requiring device authentication and active monitoring of registered devices. It can also be used to track the physical position of network equipment in order to prevent hardware theft or loss.

Establishing network Use Policies

Every hotel should have a policy in place for the usage of any networks, and this policy should apply to both employees and visitors. By consolidating regulation in the hands of people in charge of the network, a mobile device management system can help enforce and cement this policy. Defining WiFi settings, setting compliance criteria, and enhancing the general function of the network are all useful functions.

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