How Mobile Device Management Transforms Logistics & transportation

The importance of transportation and logistics in the global economy cannot be overstated. However, moving people and things throughout the world is now more complicated and difficult than it has ever been.

The world’s economy is under strain as debt levels rise. The dialogue among world leaders is dominated by geopolitical risks. Global GDP growth isn’t as great as it has been in the past due to macroeconomic factors. Because transportation and logistics have historically been linked to overall GDP development, the industry is under duress while demand for goods movement remains stagnant.

However, if global GDP growth picks up. Transportation and logistics companies may see a revival. These companies are required to provide real-time information updates and be connected to their mobile workforce at all times. Failure to develop these talents prohibits these businesses from expanding up and being successful in today’s competitive environment.

The Benefits of Implementing MDM solutions 

According to the International Transport Forum, OECD countries had shipped a total of 3.4 trillion tons-kilometers of rail freight, 1.6 trillion tons-kilometers of road freight, and 120 billion tons-kilometers of inland waterways freight in 2014.

That’s a lot of cargo to track and to make sure the products get from point A to point B safely, securely, on time, and on budget. Implementing a suite of mobile technology solutions is the only way to maintain track of assets and freight effectively and efficiently.

This involves tracking and monitoring devices with wireless device management, cloud-based mobility solutions, BYOD management, and business security technology. These businesses can handle all areas of mobile business operations in real time from their mobile devices and tablets, thanks to a single business mobility solution.

Transport and logistics firms can use SYNDES enterprise mobility technologies to maximise mobile device management capabilities and assure effective operations in this increasingly mobile workforce trend. Improving the whole efficiency of your company value chain, from workers production to customer relationship management and the overall operation costs.

In SYNDES TECHNOLOGIES Your Security Is Our Priority

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