Empowering Your Operation With Real-Time & Accurate Data

Unlock unparalleled success in the modern business arena through the strategic utilization of real-time, accurate data to fuel your growth. Newland AIDC's

Ready for the most demanding industries

Retail & Hospitality

Newland AIDC understands that customer satisfaction is your top priority, our product and solution helps retailer speeding up the check-out, avoiding running out of stock, and keeping customers happy.

Transportation & Logistics

Find out how Newland AIDC helps to ensure your deadline will be met and your order will be fulfilled.


Newland AIDC helps manufacturers tracking parts in real-time, boosting efficiency with less human error, automating the production process with high performance scanning solutions.


Newland AIDC's healthcare portfolio empowers caregivers in all aspects, whether you are working in-patients or out-patients, in the lab, in the pharmacy, or in warehouse of medical supplies.

Empowering Efficiency: Mobile Terminals

Highlighting Newland AIDC's Mobile Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Streamlined Data Input. Select Your Preferred Option!

Enhanced Precision: Handheld Scanners

Experience superior accuracy and efficiency in data capture with either option, tailored to meet your specific operational needs

Scanning Versatility: Portable Scanners

Specialized scanners tailored to diverse operational needs, ensuring optimal performance across various scenarios

Streamlined Printing: Label Printers

Precision-driven printing solutions designed for accurate and efficient label creation.

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