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Test the apk. file in the Application section to make sure the admin upload the correct apk version.

Licenses with shorter expiration dates will be allocated first following the First Expired/First Out (FEFO) method.

If there are more licenses than devices after the increase, licenses are allocated to all devices in the order in which they were enrolled.

For iOS and Windows devices, they are enrolled immediately. For Android devices, they can be enrolled according to the schedule set on the system or by sending a device command.

When a license being used on various devices expires, all the devices become unable to use Knox Manage simultaneously.

After increasing the number of licenses, you should first unenrolled the existing registered devices, and then enroll the new devices. The renewed licenses will then be allocated to the new devices.

From the Knox Manage dashboard, find the setting, Profile > Select profile > Modify policy > Kiosk > Utilities settings > Allow > System bar/home/notification bar.

Unfortunately, the customer can only choose their name during tenant registration.

If you need further assistance we will advice you on the support package.

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