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Mobile Kiosk Solution for Android, iOS, Windows

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Optimize Business With Enterprise Mobility Solution

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Reduce Hassle & Cost

Over-the-air (OTA) allows your IT administrator to configure, provision, or update management to one or multiple devices through wirelessly. Remotely troubleshoot issued devices from a management console may save up a lot of time-consuming, you’ll have the capabilities to wipe up those sensitive data immediately once device issues been detected.

Managed Mobility

A set of technologies tools to secure and manage your corporate mobile, handheld, rugged or custom-built device, tablet, and desktop cross multiple operating systems as well as a service provider.

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Whitelist certain apps that you want to be only shown up within your corporate devices. The best approach to secure your in-house apps, assure zero downtime in the kiosk, deliver high-quality results to end-user without getting unauthorized personnel to uninstall it.


Restrict or block third parties from being installed malicious apps into your kiosk/corporate devices. A warning alert would push to your IT administrator immediately when someone attempting to pre-install the apps. Silently wipe off the unwanted apps.

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Single sign-on based on trusted identity and authentication, it allowed the system to recognize your identity to ensure only trusted user can access to the corporate data, apps where stored in your corporate devices.

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Mobile content management secures all your digital document which has been stored in the cloud anywhere, anytime. Unifying and fortifying all your digital document that contain sensitive info such as PDF, Image, Microsoft document by enabling the user identification features,  user need to sign in their ID in order to access the specific contents

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Provision Secure Kiosks In Minutes

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Kiosk Device Lockdown

Set up a kiosk lockdown mode with either a single app in action or selecting multiple apps to be locked within a kiosk mode, to avoid misuse on the kiosk device, ensure it works well, and perform its best functionality to the end-user.

Web-based kiosk lockdown

A web page as a web kiosk lockdown, disabling access to all others, including other web pages that are linked with the page.

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Control over all your kiosk devices without letting the user scroll through other interfaces, restrict your kiosk device’s screen with only accessibility of single or certain apps.

Disable certain functions or connectivity buttons in fulfillment of your enterprise needs. Restrict the turn-off or restart button to make sure your kiosk devices are always on all the time and not being deliberately misused by someone.

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Perfect for any kind of operation devices

Manage multi-operating devices, multi-vendors, and multi-form factors under single mobility ecosystem



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What Can Your Business Do With Kiosk Mode?

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Grocery or Retail Stores

Deploy devices into self-checkout kiosks to enhance shopping experiences by shortening user queue time and faster checkouts.


eMenu & Self-Ordering

A faster checkout, easy order customization, and payments, it truly enhances and emphasizes the flexibility of the whole ordering process to both either staff or consumers.

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Survey/Feedback Kiosk

Visuals take over everything. Replace the traditional way of market research with technology by encouraging consumers to complete a survey, leave feedback, and suggestions via a kiosk.


Speed up all kind of check-in/check-out procedures, handle over the automated job with the assistance of kiosk. Lighten the burden of your staff as they can more focus their human talents on helping guests with tasks that cannot be easily automated.

smart device need their own uniform in following respective own industry use
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