Esper Powers Your Mission-Critical Devices, Allowing You To Continue Developing.

Esper is the first Android DevOps Platform in the market, delivering an agile approach to the whole product lifecycle. Esper's strong Android knowledge extends from chip to cloud, assuring success whether beginning with solution design or changing an existing fleet.

The Deployment of Mission-Critical Edge Devices of the Future

For infrastructure and automation, modern companies require Android DevOps technology. Traditional mobility solutions are not expected to control device and application health on touchscreen devices, lock devices into kiosk mode, or enable non-traditional Android use cases.

Why Esper?

Customers across sectors rely on our strong cloud platform to accomplish business transformation.

Efficiently deploy. No touch enrollment and provisioning. There will be no more malware from unknown hardware manufacturers exposing sensitive company data.

The most powerful and scalable solution for creating experiences that correspond to your consumer or employee use case and security needs.

Substitutes default device settings with bespoke ones, resulting in a fully-managed experience from the minute a device boots.

Customers' Experiences with Esper

Esper is used by more than 100 of the world's most creative businesses. Continuous deployment and integration of new Android applications keeps your consumers' experiences interesting and fresh.


Mobile devices and applications link instructors and students from all over the world every day. Esper enhances educational access globally with tailored applications, distraction-free education devices, and creative new Android IoT devices, altering how you face new difficulties and distant learning requirements.

Android kiosk mode protects student privacy 0

SafeSearch for student protection 0


Manage your entire fleet and apps remotely from a single pane of glass, allowing you to improve the retail customer experience. Esper Android DevOps makes it easier for shops to innovate. Manage all of your retail devices, including as kiosks, point-of-sale, digital signage, and purpose-built hardware, from a single dashboard. Esper's DevOps platform lowers expenses by enabling end-to-end, no-touch deployment.

Increase operational efficiency and decrease costs 0

Customized retail configurations 0


Esper can help you take your Android health device concept from concept to production-ready deployment in a matter of days. We manage hardware selection, validation, and deployment, allowing you to concentrate on developing a watertight regulatory approach. It provides a full toolchain for Android healthcare devices, allowing you to include compliance, security, and control into every stage of the product life cycle.

Protect Patient Data and Outcomes 0

One Platform for Android Healthcare IoT 0

Logistics and Transportations

Esper's enterprise-ready cloud solution is dedicated to assisting you in realizing your vision for a modern, mobile-enabled warehouse and fleet. Track devices in real time and put up a virtual barrier to ensure the package is delivered on time. Trigger notifications when devices leave the designated virtual fence using geolocation and take appropriate actions.

Geofence to secure devices 0

Increase workforce productivity 0


Esper is the first full-stack solution that use Android smartphones to revolutionize the restaurant guest and employee experience. To reimagine the consumer experience, brands must adopt daring new ideas. Esper's solution specialists can assist you with defining your vision, developing a product roadmap, and launching new experiences. Our hardware, platform, and experience teams work at a breakneck pace.

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics 0

Mobilize Associates 0

What Do Our Customer Says?

``Esper lets us focus on our core business of making online ordering easy by making our tablets and underlying infrastructure just work. Esper’s platform allows us to deploy devices at scale to customers with varying deployment environments and Internet connectivity. They provide solid, reliable business performance for our entire tablet fleet.``- Alex Canter, CEO

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