Newland MT67 Keyboard

  • Android
  • 4.0” Display
  • IP65 & IP67
  • USB Type-C
  • Camera: 5 MP (Front), 13 MP (Rear)
  • 4G & WiFi
  • 64GB, 4GB RAM

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At a Glance

The MT67 blends durability and style, featuring an ergonomic build, physical keyboard, and a 4-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, all at a lightweight 250 grams.

Powered by a 4800mAh battery, 4GB RAM, and 64GB ROM, it runs on Android 11 for seamless enterprise integration, power management, and data security.

Its rapid barcode scanning ensures real-time functionality with stable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The sixth-gen megapixel scan engine reads diverse barcodes, even on glossy or irregular surfaces, aiding retail and warehouse environments.


Android 11 Platform

Using high performance, Octa-core, 2.0GHzd main frequency, running Android 11.0 operating system, providing quicker data process and smoother operation.

Excellent grip, rugged, and durable

Specially designed for logistics, warehouse and other industry fields. Combined with ergonomic pistol grip designing. IP65/IP67(OPT.) protection grade, withstand 1.5m free drop to concrete (1 time at each surface) and work normally in pouring water situation with gloved fingers.

Superior Barcode Reading Performance

When equipped with Newland’s UIMG fifth-generation technology, the new NLS-MT67 can decode even poorer quality barcodes, such as soiled or wrinkled labels, with ease.

Type-C Port WiFi Band

Using the mainstream Type-C fast charging port, the charging power is up to 15W, can fully charge the 4800mAh battery within 3 hours. Support 802.11ac band and WIFI 5G band, faster transmission rate and better support for WIFI roaming.



270g (Battery Included)


3.8V, 4800 mAh


2.0GHz, Octa Core 64-bit

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