NVH220 Industrial Scanner

  • 1D & 2D Scanning Capability
  • 67 (W) x 86 (D) x 170 (H)mm
  • IP64
  • 8 Meter Drop

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At a Glance


AI Function and Intelligent Learning

Equipped with AI function, it has excellent barcode positioning and barcode reconstruction capabilities. At the same time, intelligent learning can automatically adjust parameters according to different scenarios.

Advanced Illumination System

Provide white and red direct illumination, blue diffuse ring lights, rich lighting system can meet different materials (such as reflection), shape (curved surface), background and bar code color of all kinds of complex scanning code needs.

Excellent DPM Decoding Capability

With the new generation of industrial decoding algorithm, it has strong decoding ability for DPM barcodes such as radium carving and dotting barcodes.




Image Sensor

1280 x 960 CMOS


Operating (Typical): 320 mA

Operating (Max): 480mA

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