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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM):

Enterprise Mobility Management is a solution which controls the management, configuration and security of BYOD and companies-use devices.

Enterprise Mobility Management has multiple components, which including Mobile Device Management (MDM)Mobile Application Management (MAM)Mobile Content Management (MCM) and Mobile Identity Management (MIM). Based on different requirements of each organization, they might  use one or all of these features of Enterprise Mobility Management.


Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a tool for enterprises to manage, secures, support, and locate mobile devices for work. Enterprise has an eagle eye-view on multiple corporate devices and better understanding the usage on per devices activities.

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Mobile Application Management Mobile Application Management is a solution which can control or manage applications such as install or uninstall certain apps and others as well as restrict the permission of access those apps. With mobile application management, user can blacklist or whitelist certain applications based on their preferences.

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Mobile Content Management

Mobile Content Management (MCM) enable user to access their private content such as corporate data securely. It allows user to view, store data on mobile devices as well as restrict the function of file sharing and copy/paste.

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Mobile Identity Management

Mobile Identity Management allows enterprises to authenticate the identity of users and grant access to trusted devices and enterprise applications.

With mobile identity and access management features, enterprises can control and manage users activity on company network and devices. MIM also helps businesses avoid the hassle of managing multiple usernames and passwords while improving end user experience.

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[wt_service_box icon=”fa-connectdevelop”]It enables authentication for the users.[/wt_service_box]
[wt_service_box icon=”fa-connectdevelop”]Solution controls, manage and secure which particular applications can access.[/wt_service_box]
[wt_service_box icon=”fa-connectdevelop”]Solution allows managing, controlling and configuring your devices remotely.[/wt_service_box]
[wt_service_box icon=”fa-connectdevelop”]Secure access to corporate content without corporate content intentionally.[/wt_service_box]
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