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Kiosk Mode for Frontline Workers’ Devices: Optimized Business Benefits

Companies belonging to industries like manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, education, oil & gas, construction, retail, hospitality, energy, and similar sectors benefit greatly through their frontline workers who ensure that the field operations are carried out with perfection. In doing so, companies need to empower their frontline workers with the right set of digital tools and mobile devices to foster and facilitate flexibility, convenience, productivity and accuracy at work and to ensure that the works get done in real-time to drive the best business benefits.

When it comes to the digital empowerment of your frontline workers, it is important to consider some critical aspects before providing them with handheld mobile devices.

The following factors define a frontline worker’s daily activities at work:

  • They mostly work on-the-go and from remote locations and rough terrains
  • They usually perform a set of works that are pre-defined for them
  • They ideally strive to complete as much work as they can within the stipulated time
  • They need to be well-informed and well-communicated all the time
  • They work in shifts and hence a device is shared amongst many workers

A company needs to consider the above key aspects before deploying the kind of devices that can assist them to accomplish their daily activities without any hassles. Implementing an MDM solution that comes with the capability of enforcing the kiosk model comes with several advantages that seamlessly allow the company IT admin to manage, monitor and secure the devices provided to the frontline workers. Devices enabled with single or multi-app kiosk mode prove to be a win-win for both the companies as well as the frontline workers.

How mobile devices with kiosk mode help companies improve outputs from frontline workers

When companies enforce single or multi-app kiosk mode on the devices used by frontline workers, they gain multiple benefits; the major advantages are discussed below.

Increases frontline productivity: Devices enforced with single or multi-app kiosk mode ensure that the frontline workers can avail just the right app (nothing more or less) on their devices that are provided by the company. These private apps allow the frontline workers to access the right information in real-time to get works like updating delivery records, feeding customer queries/feedback, filling up of timesheets, processing payments, gathering and sharing of crucial work data, done on time. Kiosk mode enabled devices with apt business apps to play a game-changing role in increasing frontline productivity.

Drives data-cost reduction: Frontline workers are provided with corporate-owned mission-critical devices that are supposed to be used for professional purposes alone. However, unlimited access to the internet and social media can skyrocket data-cost, which can be seamlessly eliminated by enforcing kiosk mode on frontline workers’ devices. Kiosk mode with the constrained scope of device usage and limited access to work-only business apps prohibits the device user/frontline worker to surf internet, download app or browse websites, which incredibly brings down the data cost for the company.

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  • Promotes device/data security: Single or multi-app kiosk mode on devices used by frontline workers promotes data and service security as the ultimate control over the devices rests with the company IT admin. Kiosk mode enabled devices cannot be tampered with, device users cannot exit the kiosk mode, use factory reset settings or the hardware buttons. The IT admin restricts employees from downloading the app, browsing the internet or accessing usual device features, which makes the data lying inside the devices impregnable. At the same time, it also safeguards the devices and data from cyber-attacks, hackers, malicious apps, spyware and malware that abound the internet.
  • Improves operational efficiency: Apart from keeping up the frontline workers’ productivity, one or multi-app kiosk mode on frontline workers’ devices ensure operational efficiency, management accuracy and process precision at all levels. Frontline workers with mobile devices can do away with the hassles of paperwork that is prone to misplacement, calculation errors, and misinterpretations. Corporate data and activity reports maintained within specific private apps within these devices ensure easy and secure access any time or from anywhere, which simplifies and streamlines workflow for both the executives and their managers.
  • Enhances device usability: When kiosk mode is enforced in the devices, it makes sure that the frontline workers can access only the work apps that are pre-approved by the company IT admin. It also restricts the device user/employee to exit the kiosk mode or use the factory reset button. Limited access to work-only apps or whitelisted websites drives optimum usage of the corporate-owned devices provided to the field force, as expected by the company. So, basically, the devices with enforced kiosk mode are used just to accomplish work purposes without any scope of distraction or loss of productive hours.
  • Fosters secure team communication: Kiosk lockdown mode for mobile devices comes as a major capability offered by SYNDES MDM, which also drives inter-team communication for enhanced collaboration, issue resolution, and faster decision-making. SYNDES kiosk lockdown software comes powered with Eva Communication Suite that allows device users/frontline workers to communicate with their team and IT admin via a secure and controlled enterprise platform, using VoIP calls, two-way chat, voice messaging and image sharing. A strong and secure enterprise communication platform adds immense value to a kiosk mode device as it allows the employees to stay informed, connected and proactive at work.

When it comes to locking down the frontline workers’ devices in single or multi-app kiosk mode, ensure to choose the perfect kiosk management software. Check out how SYNDES helped many of its customers achieve desired business results with its kiosk lockdown software.

SYNDES kiosk management software comes with a bundle of unique, relevant and powerful features that not only help companies achieve the above-mentioned benefits but also add value to the overall device usage pattern with added security, IT control and management capabilities.


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