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Mobile Device Management: Do It Yourself

When talking about mobile device management, many people have in mind a complex, almost inoperable solution without the presence of a specialist. In some contexts, that’s the way it is. Especially with
solutions on-premise (installed in the company’s internal server infrastructure). This model requires someone who administers these servers to have a good level of knowledge to ensure that everything works to the satisfaction without being dependent on third parties. As the costs for deployment and maintenance are relatively high, it ends up being an adoption justified only for large companies.

However, in recent years and with the popularisation of cloud solutions this scenario has changed. Today, it is possible for any company, of any size, to know a cloud solution over the internet, to test in production before they even hire and then to hire only the desired quantity considering the current base of devices. 

Has the base increased? Add devices on the license! That simple. The operation has also been very facilitated. With dashboards that are simpler (but no less complex), these current solutions can deliver a better user experience for your IT professionals, even if they are not mobility experts. But after all, which is better? The “do it yourself” model or hire a specialist? It depends! In general, for small bases up to 200 devices, management can be done by the company itself without any problem. Already for larger quantities, the complexity of the operation increases, since you will always have a different need, be it an application update for a specific group, or the correction of some inactivity problem of a certain device. And in that case, unless you have people available to give full attention to the management of your mobile devices, it is best to outsource this operation to a service provider. So you are able to focus on your core business, ensuring that the MDM system you adopt will have the best use possible and will generate the best result for your company. What does it take to manage mobility on my own? To answer this question you should analyse what your primary need is. Why do you need to manage the devices of your company? 

What is your greatest pain over unmanaged devices? With this in mind, look for solutions that meet this quality with the highest quality. Of course, at this point, you may be delighted with solutions that offer thousands of other possibilities. But the secret to managing on your own is the focus on need. The more resources (which you do not need) a solution you have, the greater your chance of finding it complicated and not enjoying it. From there, test the solution. Do not accept pressure to hire quickly without first being sure that the MDM system being tested is best for your context. Compare different solutions, test service, support and everything that will be needed when you are to operate in earnest. To see more details on the mobility challenges (in portuguese), download our free e-book.

Remember: The larger the supplier, the less flexibility you will have to request any type of improvement or customisation. So, think hard about your real needs and keep in mind that no choice needs to be permanent. Precisely because it has lower costs, the cloud gives you a greater power to migrate when you deem it necessary.

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