Newland FR4080 Desktop Scanner

  • 1D & 2D Scanning Capability
  • 83 (W) x 81 (D) x 148 (H)mm
  • IP52
  • 1.2 Meter Drops to Concrete

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IR Trigger
IR Trigger

The IR sensor in the scanner enables speedy capture of barcodes presented to it, markedly increasing throughput and productivity.

Quick to Switch Mode

The Switch at the top of the scanner allows users to swiftly toggle between the Normal mode and High Motion Tolerance mode.

Snappy On-Screen Barcode Capture

Armed with Newland’s sixth-generation of UIMG® technology, this CPU-based scanner is capable of reading 1D as well as high-volume 2D barcodes on a screen covered with protective film.

Superior Motion Tolerance

Exceptional motion tolerance (2.5m/s) and large FOV (horizontal 51°, vertical 32°) enhance user experience.



Rated Power Consumption

1041 mW (Typical)

Image Sensor

1200 x 800 CMOS

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