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What’s best practices for mobile device management?


What choice have you made for your corporate devices?

With the rapid proliferation of BYOD devices connecting to the corporate network, organizations must enforce device management controls without compromising the security posture of the business or the privacy and convenience of end users. To achieve a balance between both objectives, organizations can adopt the following best practices: ▪ Implement policies before deploying an MDM solution. The right set of policies should be established to meet the unique technical and business needs of the organization before deploying an MDM solution. ▪ Make device enrollment to MDM solutions easy and convenient. Ensure that no BYOD device goes under the radar, especially because of difficult or insufficient enrollment procedures or platform support. ▪ Establish self-service capabilities. End user self-service is crucial in maintaining compliance with MDM solutions. Self-service capabilities can include remote data wipe-out, password reset, and lost device tracking. ▪ Ensure up-to-date MDM versions. Push configuration changes, patch installations, and install software updates as soon as required and made available. A BYOD device running vulnerable outdated software is a security incident waiting to happen. ▪ Protect end-user privacy. This will become key to ensuring end users continue compliance. Protect employee privacy by restricting data collection to a bare minimum and establishing procedures to eliminate misuse of personal employee information while still aligning with the company’s technical and business needs. ▪ Deploy containment technologies. These can separate corporate apps, data, and MDM controls from the personal use of a BYO device. With such containment in place, the MDM rules and features will only apply when the BYO device engages in corporate use. ▪ Monitor devices for specific activities or situations. Monitor devices for anomalous activities or underoptimized data usage. When choosing an MDM solution, make sure your choice allows you to adopt all these best practices. Adopting enterprise mobility movements and BYO device trends is no longer optional for progressive organizations. Getting MDM solutions to work, however, is critical to gain the maximum value potential of mobile-drive workforce trends. You may need our specialist to break it down everything step-by-step in order for your business/organization to improve key productivity and ease your working process. Sourced here[/wt_section_headings]

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