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5 Destructive Mobility Management Mistakes You Need to Avoid

While having employees to work from home,  there is a number of mobile devices entering the workforce, and it can be difficult for companies to ensure all the mobile devices are in check without the proper software and best practices. Therefore, it is crucial to know about common mistakes that companies make regarding mobility management and how to avoid making them yourself. 

Neglecting mobile device security

Apart from protecting your business from malware that can infect mobile devices, your company also needs to prevent corporate data stored on mobile devices from being accessed by an unauthorized third-party. Mobility management solutions combine mobile security and management technologies to help lock your devices and data down. The solutions also provide your enterprise with the necessary tools to administer security policies from a centralized location, ensuring that all devices are complying with security regulations.

Not developing a solid BYOD strategy

Personal devices can bring cybersecurity threats such as malware to access your corporate data or invading your infrastructure. Your BYOD strategy should include details on how your enterprise will secure and manage devices. It should also outline policies on keeping devices updated and how users will maintain device security on their end, even when outside the office.

Not willing to change current models

New mobile devices are being introduced to the market all the time. Sometimes, your current device isn’t enough to get the job done for business purposes. Newer models may be equipped with the latest features and compatibility that can benefit your employees. This is critical if your company wants to deploy a 5G network since older devices won’t be compatible with it.

Not updating your mobile operating systems

Many employees will refuse to update the operating system of their own device to avoid the hassle. However, OS updates often contain crucial security patches that, if not installed, could leave your company’s devices wide open to security breaches. Through a mobility management solution, you can deliver important security updates to all devices in your system, ensuring that no device in your fleet becomes a security burden.

Ignoring user experience

Mobile devices and software won’t be much help to your enterprise if your employees aren’t satisfied with using them, and improper mobile solutions can kill productivity. When designing mobile apps or choosing which mobile devices to deploy for your company, you need to consider how users will interact with them. If your employees can’t successfully operate a mobile solution, they won’t be happy with them; and may reject using them for business work.

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