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Does Your Workforce Need a Rugged Mobile Device?

Business relies on mobile devices, but water damage and cracked screens bring productivity to a habit. Do your workers need rugged smartphones? They do if they work outside, or spend hours on their feet. Workers can also benefit from rugged smartphones if they’re making service calls, or if they ‘re already spending money on expensive cases that don’t offer sufficient protection.


Mobile devices can take a beating on the construction site. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover against shock and abrasion and tough-textured back cover makes gripping easier for industrial workers on-the-go.

Public Safety

Public Safety personnel works in a range of extreme conditions, and they need mobile devices that can take the heat. To make the rugged devices undergo temperature tests from 159 degrees Fahrenheit to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, making the Samsung Galaxy Xcover tough enough to get the job done.

Industrial Work

Industrial work can take a toll on mobile devices that are not sufficiently ruggedized, Samsung Galaxy Xcover undergoes rigorous testing from drops and shocks to extreme temperatures, altitudes, and vibrations, to ensure they can withstand common hazards on industrial job sites.


Retail workers in both the front and back of the house need devices that can go for the long haul, whether it’s keeping up with inventory throughout the day or running POS applications. With its last longer battery life, workers can do more than normal with our Samsung Galaxy Xcover ruggedized devices.

Residential Field Service

Residential field service comes with a range of hazards, Plumbers, electricians and other professionals need devices that can stand up to accidental dousing and occasional drops.

The Active Lifestyle

Those who work hard and also play hard and that can challenge the non-rugged smartphone, too. Well-known adventure activities such as kayaking come with a heightened risk of water damage, and also hiking or golfing can increase tour chances of dropping your phone or exposing it to dust and dirt.

Source: Samsung

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