Granular Device Management – Custom Boot Banner

Samsung Knox is the only mobile platform that allows an enterprise to natively change the device boot logo. In many industries, such as government or defense, this change is mandatory for compliance. Through the Knox Platform, enterprise IT admins and developers can customize the following:

  • Samsung boot up display
  • Splash screen animation, when the device is turned on or off
  • Lock screen image, which can provide an enterprise logo or contact info for lost phones

Enterprises can use these capabilities to mitigate problems such as the following:

  • Phone is lost and found:

Owner information is available by simply powering on the device. There is no need to attempt to unlock the device or call the carrier. The device can be returned to the enterprise quickly.

  • Multiple phones:

Displaying an enterprise logo on bootup lets users know that the device belongs to and is secured by the enterprise. This logo clearly distinguishes it from other devices in the user’s possession.

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