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Remote Control & Unique Advantages of Knox Remote Control

With the increasing complexity of problems that IT admins must solve, Knox Remote Control provides IT admins a powerful way to quickly and remotely fix issues. Not only can IT admins have real-time access to what the remote device screen is displaying, but also control it by injecting actions such as finger, keyboard, and mouse events. Although other mobile platforms also offer remote viewing of remote device displays, only Knox provides built-in remote control of devices without requiring third-party solutions.


Here is an example use case:

An enterprise employee is on a business trip. On encountering a problem with the company-issued mobile phone, the employee contacts an enterprise IT admin. The IT admin uses an EMM console to remotely view the device screen to observe the issue first hand, then remotely controls the device, through finger, mouse, or keyboard actions.

The IT admin directly accesses the environment to remotely debug the issue on the device. The employee is now quickly productive, without the frustrating downtime associated with relaying instructions verbally or through email.

The continuous polling of the device screens doesn’t impact device performance as devices send only screen changes.


Unique advantages of Knox Remote Control

The Knox Platform provides built-in remote control without requiring third-party solutions.

For enterprises, this control:


  • Saves time by enabling IT admins to troubleshoot remote mobile device issues in real- time.
  • Reduces employee down-time and optimizes employee productivity through quick problem resolution.
  • Enables monitoring of devices for corporate policy violations along with corrective actions on the devices.
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