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Reflections on Android Enterprise – Part 2

Managed Google Play Account?

Another key feature for companies within Android Enterprise is the use of Managed Google Play Accounts that allows each enrolled device to automatically get a distributed Google Play account that’s managed by SOTI MobiControl seamlessly. No longer is there a need or hassle to create lots of gmail accounts. With this feature, companies can leverage the full potential of the Google Play store by silently pushing any app to the users’ devices and be protected by Google Play Protect.

In the recent releases of Android, Google has focused on the enterprise to make sure all the use cases, requested features etc., are being added so companies can embrace Android in their business. Companies can not only use Android devices for their office workers, but they can also use them for their business-critical operations. Another great example of Google’s enterprise focus is the Android Enterprise Recommended program, making it even easier for companies to pick and choose devices. Both attending OEMs, Sony and Zebra, are a part of this program with several devices.

Android Enterprise gets even better with SOTI. Android Enterprise, along with SOTI Android+ technology, brings a larger set of needed features for enterprises, such as remote control, lockdown/kiosk mode, package deployment, location services and geo-fencing. For each new Android release, we see management of Android devices become more and more polished and feature rich.

So is it perfect? Aren’t there any issues? Well, there are some flaws and room for improvement. For example, ZTE is not yet fully zero touch. Granular control of app deployment and updates within organizations through Google Play is also on the wish list, just as a greater control of OS upgrades. But as feedback comes in from customers, resellers and partners, including EMM vendors such as SOTI, Android Enterprise comes closer to a high level of perfection for each new release of Android. This is good news as there’s really no other operating system out there that supports the variety of devices required by enterprises to solve their ever growing need within mobility.

You may need our specialist to break it down everything step-by-step in order for your business/organization to improve key productivity and ease your working process.

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