Top 4 Competitive Digital Forecasts for Businesses by 2030

As enterprise mobility solution providers, we’re aware that digitization is an inevitability across all industries around the world. Furthermore, plenty of traditional businesses have gone digital to reach out to their clientele stuck at home due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since we’re huge supporters of all businesses hopping on the digitization bandwagon, we’re always excited to hear about near future forecasts. Let’s share four very interesting predictions about the near future that shake up the competitiveness of the global market!  
  • Tenfold Increase of General Computing Power
The Huawei Computing 2030 report, also known as Computing 2030 in short, estimates that the general computing power of the world will reach 3.3 ZFLOPS. That’s the equivalent of about 272 million Xbox Series X consoles running simultaneously at peak performance! Computing is now a cheap and powerful tool that can open up many opportunities. That’s why businesses must leverage data, the commodity of the future, to avoid being left behind in the 2030s market.
  • Number of Driverless Vehicles Worldwide Expected to Reach 10%
Currently, the logistics industry is mostly run by vehicles that are powered by humans. Trucks, trains, planes, you name it. Statista predicts that one out of 10 vehicles across the globe will be driverless by 2030. Driverless vehicles powered by artificial intelligence will be a huge relief to increasingly congested roads, railways and skies due to human nature. As the saying goes, “time is money”, and billions are lost every year in the form of productivity hours and fuel to being stuck in jams. This could signal the beginning of driverless vehicles’ widespread adoption by businesses. The benefits of saved labor costs and reduced congestion would be humongous.
  • The Internet of Senses
You might have heard of the Internet of Things, but what about the Internet of Senses? That’s what Ericsson thinks could be the next big thing by 2030 based on crowdsourced opinions. They argue for the merger between the physical and virtual worlds. However, it’s not just making augmented (AR) or virtual reality devices mainstream. People are most looking forward to controlling devices with just their words or even pure thought. They expect to be able to feel virtual tastes, smells and touch sensations. Fulfilling these experiences might just be a highly in-demand service for businesses to look into!
  • 85% More New Jobs to Work in 
The Institute of the Future found out in a workshop that 85% of jobs current students would take up in 2030 don’t exist right now. That’s quite a shocking but believable number. Did your past self 15 years ago think running a social media account would be a paid job? Many are concerned about losses of jobs brought forth by digitization, but it opens up so many careers at the same time. To hire more people in the next decade, businesses would have to undo traditions and create many more new roles powered by new technologies.   We’re so excited for what the near future holds for digitizing businesses. But remember, the future is what we make of it. Let’s all work together to constantly innovate and make all these predictions a reality!  
We at SYNDES stand by the value of “Today’s best performance is tomorrow’s baseline”.
Let’s embrace the power of tomorrow!

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