3 Essential Reasons Agriculture Industry Needs MDM

Previously, we’ve covered why various industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality require MDM solutions. The agriculture industry is no exception. We all know it’s one of the oldest and most important industries of the world transformed by several industrial revolutions. To meet the demands of a larger future population, it could definitely use a digital upgrade from the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). Of course, MDM is one of the technologies easing it into Industry 4.0. So, here’s three reasons why enterprises in the agriculture industry should embrace MDM:  
  • Inventory Management
Agricultural products are essential commodities because they feed and power the world, on top of requiring plenty of care and time to obtain. Therefore, it’s imperative that we’re able to keep track of every step of the product workflow from seed to marketplace to optimize sales. For starters, we need to find out when a crop is ready to harvest and the shelf life of its products for storage. With an MDM solution, field employees can perform the tracking with dedicated mobile devices.
  • Employee Monitoring
Monitoring field employees and their work the traditional way is tough. Everyone’s dispersed working throughout acres of farmland in different regions or even countries. Local supervisors can add up a lot to expenses and require plenty of trust too. Fortunately, employers can kill two birds with one stone by remotely monitoring their activity through an MDM dashboard listing everyone’s work devices! One of the benefits of monitoring is ensuring work devices aren’t lost and used only on the field in real time. Moreover, metrics collected by these devices can be used for immediate performance assessment as soon as they’re uploaded to the cloud.
  • Future-proof for Full Automation
Industry 4.0 acknowledges that automation is inevitable especially in primary industries like agriculture. It foresees a future of manual labor being powered by smart devices part of an Industrial Internet of Things network. Most MDM solutions in the market also accommodate IoT devices. Thus, if your enterprise already has an MDM solution, you’ll certainly be ready for moving on from managing employees with work devices to managing robots in the field. Knowing that MDM is a must in agriculture is why we’re proud to work with global business service provider Averis to deploy and maintain MDM in their plantations. In fact, our collaboration with Averis earned us the Hexnode Sales Story of the Year Award 2022. We hope MDM can penetrate more of the agriculture industry and revolutionize farms and plantations around the world over the coming decades!  
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