5 Biggest Considerations for Mobile Device Management

Before you start enrolling Mobile Device Management (MDM) into your business, here are 5 considerations to look out for on your first journey into the world of managing your business with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.
  • Should My Agency Go On-premises Or In-The-Cloud for MDM Tool? 
With a cloud-first strategy, you’ll be able to provide greater services while lowering your total expenditures. In other cases, on-premises MDM may be required for certain scenarios, when a MDM is strongly linked with an existing endpoint security product that is already running on-premises. To save time and money, consider using the cloud for this crucial but non-business-critical job.
  • How Do I Balance Agency Security With Individual Privacy When Using MDM?
There is no conflict for agency-owned devices: Don’t compromise security on an agency laptop only to allow the user to do some online shopping on the same device. Consider MDM as a contract with end users for bring-your-own-device program: They gain the convenience of having access to sensitive information on their personal smartphone in exchange for control over some parts of the device. If they don’t like it, they can refuse to engage in MDM, but they won’t be able to connect to the agency’s trusted networks or information systems.
  • With So Many Settings, Where Do I Start When Defining Policy For MDM?
Concentrate on MDM policy aspects that directly affect overall security, such as device lock, app store access, password and biometric policies, and software patch and update settings. Those should be put out to everyone right now. Then, via the MDM interface, divide users into groups, including a group of early adopters outside of IT. Slowly roll out new MDM policies, starting with early adopters and then spreading out agencywide after you’re sure there aren’t any negative consequences.
  • How Do I Deploy MDM Without Touching Every Agency Device?
Examine alternatives for “zero-touch” deployment. Hardware resellers like SYNDES may work with hardware makers SAMSUNG to have devices automatically install basic configurations — including mobile device management enrollment — the first time they are turned on, for Android devices (or after a factory reset). This not only lowers deployment costs, but it also improves security for devices that are lost or stolen.
  • How Do I Manage Modern Mobile Devices With Old Software?
MDM is compatible with a wide number of devices and operating systems, although obsolete devices and out-of-date software can cause issues. The software in smartphones is constantly under attack. That means agency security policy should include keeping devices updated and patched. Any device that is too old to run MDM software shouldn’t be given access to critical information in the first place.    

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