Biggest Security Issues With Remote Working

The advantages of having a borderless, remote workforce are undeniably advantageous to small firms, as remote workers are often easier to work with because they are less expensive and more productive. However, with borderless teams spanning cities, states, and even continents, you have a lot of sensitive data going outside the office and across a variety of devices, frequently with questionable security measures. To completely realize the benefits of working with the best minds, regardless of their geographical restrictions, businesses must understand and manage the obstacles associated with a mobile workforce. Even large corporations with multimillion-dollar budgets struggle to manage a remote staff. Small businesses face a greater challenge because they must deal with limited resources and have a low risk to vulnerabilities.

Let’s take a look at some of the most critical data security issues that small organizations must address when working with remote workers.

  • Reduced Security on BYOD and Mobile Devices
Cybersecurity is no longer merely a problem to be solved. It is a continual threat that organizations must fight with on a daily basis. When data flows outside the constraints of the office in a landscape like this, the complexity is multiplied by two. Employees in the workplace often only use specified office gadgets that are protected by physical and electronic layers of security. Employees who work remotely, on the other hand, frequently use their personal devices and public Wi-Fi networks, further exposing their sensitive data to a variety of other risks. Data security is jeopardized as a result of this. Data security is clearly a significant risk for small organizations with remote employees, and it must be addressed as a high priority. Companies must first raise security awareness and sensitive their remote workers, as well as educate them on potential threats and best practice for prevention. Employees should be obliged to secure the laptops they want to use for work, and strict password regulations should be enforced. Even better, firms can assign a work device to a remote employee and safeguard it with authorized antivirus and security software.
  • Tracking and Managing Assets on the Cloud
The quality of asset management will always have a significant impact on a company’s overall productivity and efficiency, regardless of industry. While borderless organizations with remote workers are more likely to be tech-based and have less physical assets, the IT assets they control, such as software, data, and other critical business information, are extremely valuable to the company and must be secured from a variety of risks. Market research, studies, business concepts, and even visual collateral like logos and brand names can all be extremely sensitive, and a single minor leak can undermine a large effort. Any business, especially small enterprises that frequently go all in on one big concept, should prioritize protecting and preserving all of these assets. When data moves over a worldwide network of devices beyond the premises of a physical office, and data is constantly transferred among personnel, asset management becomes a whole new ballgame. However, the most promising approach is to allow your remote employees to operate on their own devices while being linked to your home office security network. This capability may be gained with the help of a cloud-based IT management platform such as Samsung Knox Suite, which allows you to connect, monitor, and secure your assets in the cloud, regardless of their location. With this kind of solution, you can see exactly where your assets are situated on the map and ensure from afar that your remote employees are compliant with your self-defined security regulations. Wanted to know more if Samsung Knox Suite solutions are well suited for your business?? Feel free to drop us an email on Case Study : 

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