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free MDM is a myth, here's why

Free MDM is a Myth, Here’s Why

Free MDM (Mobile Device Management) may seem appealing, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind before choosing this option for managing your business’s revenue-generating systems.

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Free MDM? The Hidden Cost of Learning and Management

Firstly, although the MDM itself may be free, the time and effort required to use, learn, and configure the software should not be overlooked. Your productivity and sanity are valuable, and spending excessive time troubleshooting and making adjustments to your MDM can detract from more important tasks.

Free MDM Falls Short in Application Deployment

Another drawback of free MDM solutions is their limited scalability. These solutions often lack sophisticated features for deploying and managing applications on devices. Ensuring that the correct application updates are successfully installed on devices becomes a challenge without proper tools.

Beyond Self-Service: Free MDM Lacks Specialized Technical Assistance

Data security is a crucial concern for businesses, especially when sensitive information passes through POS systems and kiosks. Traditional MDM solutions may not offer robust data protection for these systems. It is essential to protect your data at all points of vulnerability.

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Free MDM: Not Built for Business Needs

Lastly, free MDM solutions are generally not designed for business or enterprise use. Managing specific systems like POS, digital signage, and kiosks requires specialized functionality that free MDMs often lack.

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In conclusion, while free MDM may seem tempting, it’s essential to consider the limitations in terms of time, scalability, support, data security, and suitability for business needs.

Source: Ruddock, D. (2022, September 16). Free MDM is a Myth, Here’s Why.


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