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How To Prevent Misuse of Corporate Smartphones and Tablets?

Today’s era is a golden time to run businesses, with founders and business owners have achieved incredible growth in work efficiency. Clients and consumers are satiated too with prompt responses and better interaction with this sudden leap in businesses running swifter than ever.

All thanks to the introduction of smartphones and tablets at work, portability and round the clock availability is proving to be a boon to commerce in general. While the perks could be many to assimilate and dwell, the snags to follow like the other side of a coin. With smartphones and tablets being an integral part of professional space, they also invite a lot of abuse and misuse by employees.

The whole host of problems arise when business devices are used for personal activities like – chatting on WhatsApp, viewing YouTube videos, listening to music, updating statuses and photos on social media platforms, playing games, installing other apps for social use and to some extent downloading explicit content too. In addition to this, there is a constant fear of sensitive data of the enterprise being utilized for the wrong reasons or being lost due to theft.

Smart technology promises speed and instant reach but simultaneously, it also poses grim prospects with– financial losses, abuse of company resources, loss in work productivity, missed deadlines, breach of data policies, corporate data being at risk and more. In this difficult scenario, Mobile Device Management emerges a hero for corporates where it helps them in curbing these cons and making smart devices at work, the right decision towards ultimate progress.

An alternative to traditional Mobile Device Management solutions, Mobile Device Management prevents the misuse of corporate-owned smartphones and tablets and ensures that each employee is using these devices purely for work.

With features like: 

1. Kiosk Lockdown Mode
Wherein every device’s home screen is replaced by a customizable screen that limits the employee to access only the applications enabled by the business owner or IT administrators.

2. Browser
A customised browser that allows websites that are whitelisted to be accessed, while blocking the others.

3. Device Management Dashboard
A cloud-based dashboard that allows organisations to manage & control their Android devices, get reports on data usage, and set permissions on each device or group
of devices.

4. Location Tracking
A proper system that tracks the precise location in real-time of the devices allotted to employees.

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