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Device Software Update Management

Strict control over device firmware updates

Samsung developed Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) to enable enterprises to save time and support costs, and manage the mobile infrastructure as efficiently as possible.


With E-FOTA, enterprises can control device software updates as follows:


  • Select the highest firmware version allowed on devices:

This option ensures that device users can’t independently update to an unsupported firmware version, preventing issues that could negatively impact employee productivity, support costs, and data security.

  • Force the download of a specific firmware version onto select devices:

Enterprises can download new firmware to a few test devices to run interoperability or compatibility tests. This mandatory download is done with proprietary systems and apps to find any corner cases that might result in operational or performance issues.

  • Mass deploy a new firmware version:

Mass deployment prevents software version fragmentation so IT teams don’t need to support multiple legacy firmware versions for each deployed device model.

  • Schedule updates during non-peak work times:

This option ensures updates don’t interfere with employee productivity.

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